Victoria, Australia

The Black Saturday bushfires plagued the state of Victoria, Australia through February-March 2009.  The fires wrought destruction through much of the countryside and resulted in the highest loss of life due to bushfire that Australia has ever seen.  Australia 025Moved by the destruction and the people in need, a group of individuals got together and traveled to Australia to volunteer in the rebuilding process in whatever way they could.  This event marked the beginning of what is now Trinity West Crisis Dispatch.

Saturday February 7, 2009 would later be referred to as Black Saturday, as many of the fires which ravaged Victoria's countryside began on or around this date.  The fires came during dry heatwave combined with high winds, creating extreme bushfire conditions, and the over 400 individual fires which were recorded started due to lightning, downed power lines and arson.   Over 200 deaths resulted and more than 400 injuries, as well as a great deal of destruction to the various farms and towns of Victoria.  Many of the fires burned throughout February, some not being extinguished until as late as mid-March.  In the end, over a million acres of land had been burned and over 7,500 people had been displaced.1102L

 A group of 4 men in Texas saw these events and felt a need to help.  These were Travis Pace, Wilson Riddle, Hugh Savage and Matt Harmon.  In April 2009, thanks to a generous donation from Matt Rial, they were able to travel to the town of Kilmore in Victoria, Australia and, by joining efforts with Blazeaid worked to help rebuild farms and clean up the damage the fires had caused.

After returning from this trip, Matt Rial and Travis Pace, joined by Hank Harmon decided to form the non-profit organization Trinity West Crisis Dispatch (TWCD) to continue offering aid to people struck by disaster wherever it s needed.




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