Christmas in Reynosa

Rio Bravo Children's Home is an orphanage located in Reynosa, Mexico, just across the border from McAllen, Texas, along the Rio Grande. reynosa 19TWCD travels there just before Christmas each year to deliver Christmas presents to the children.

Though funding and operating orphanages in Mexico are difficult enough,  increased fighting along the US border between the Mexican government and the powerful drug cartels that operate there has made things even worse.  There are many people and institutions which serve them that are finding it difficult to get help because the growing conflicts along the border. 

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Included among those who are having problems is the Rio Bravo Children's Home.  Founded and supported by Ray and Leah Hansen of the Rio Bravo Ministries based in Reynosa, the orphanage is currently home to around 70 children and acts as a beacon of hope for its community.  TWCD members and volunteers traveled there to spend a weekend hanging out with the kids and bringing with them a literal cart load of gifts.

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