New York City


noname-4On October 27th Superstorm Sandy struck the east coast of the United States. New York City was hit extremely hard by this storm. Staten Island and Long Island were each devastated by the storm surge and millions across New York City and New Jersey were left without power. Sandy caused billions of dollars in damage and the rebuilding process was made more difficult by the snowstorm that followed the hurricane. 


TWCD sent a team of five to New York City for nine days to assist with the recovery. The team spent two days on long Island, partnering with Samaritan's Purse, helping a family remove flood-damaged portions of their home so rebuilding could take place. They also spent a day in Harlem working with New York Cares cleaning up Marcus Garvey Park and removing fallen trees from sidewalks there. The majority of the work the team did was on Staten Island, where they partnered with Apostles Church NYC and found people who needed trees removed from their homes or property. Connections with local churches are important to the work of TWCD because they allow people to be served who may be overlooked by other organizations.The vision of TWCD, that a a small group of volunteers can make a difference and impact lives for the Kingdom, was successful.



From the snowy sidewalks in Marcus Garvey Park to removing a 60 ft tree from the yard of a man on Staten Island, TWCD helped many people in New York and gave three volunteers the opportunity to be a part of positive change.