New Orleans

260056_10152102240460331_258414732_nOn August 26, 2012, the governor of the state of Lousiana declared a state of emergency for the city of New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Over 600,000 people were left without power in Louisiana and streets were flooded, causing damage to cars and buildings. Because of the damge done by Hurricane Katrina only a few years earlier, many people were scared that Isaac would leave New Orleans in a similar state of disrepair. 

On September 1, 2012, TWCD sent a two-man crew to New Orleans to assess damage and assist with repair to the lower ninth ward. TWCD partnered with as well as contacts and friends already living in New Orleans. TWCD spent a week working in the lower ninth ward clearing fallen trees and repairing roofs while making local contacts with and helping htem in their efforts to revitalize the lower ninth ward. 

New Orleans is a place constantly rebuilding and TWCD is always ready to offer a helping hand to the people of Louisiana. When the next disaster hits New Orleans, TWCD will be ready and willing to assist.