New South Wales, Australia

In 2013, the worst bushfires in over half a century tore through much of Australia. Hundreds of thousands of acres were destroyed and many farmers lost everything. The outlook was bleak for many of them. Some farmers lost all their livestock.photo_4 
One farmer we encountered had lost 200 sheep on his farm, completely wiping him out. 

The resiliance of the Australian farmer is incredible. For the third time, TWCD went to Australia to help farmers pick up the pieces and start over. A team of five made the long trip south and spent two weeks rebuilding fences on scenic Australian ranches outside the town of Coonabarabran. 
TWCD has a heart for the farmers in Australia and our partner Blazeaid, with whom we have partnered on each trip to the country.  

The trip was successful because TWCD did what it is designed to do: it sent a team of people to a place not many other organizations were going to help people not many people were helping.
photo_3 TWCD will continue to respond when disasters happen and will continue to keep the farmers in Australia in our thoughts and prayers.