American Samoa

A tsunami struck the coasts of Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga in late September 2009, resulting in substantial damage and loss of life.  TWCD traveled to American Samoa in October to assist a community hit by the destruction and struggling to rebuild.

samoa photo14An 8.1 magnitude underwater earthquake on September 29, 2009, the largest recorded in 2009, caused the tsunami which was estimated to be 40 ft high upon hitting the Samoan coast.  In American Samoa, the death toll was over 20 people and the waves, which reached over a mile inland, damaged many structures and severely hampered the islands electrical grid and access to fresh water.

samoa photo09

TWCD volunteers traveled to American Samoa in October to assist in rebuilding, particularly working to assist a local church which had been greatly damaged by the waves.  They also worked with the community to help restore normal functions and rebuild community morale.